Find the most lucrative betting opportunities using the Betpicker platform. Our software scans over 60 bookmakers and brings you the most profitable choices.

How it works.

Betpicker works by utilizing the concept of Value betting.

A Value bet occurs whenever a bookmaker offers overpriced odds for a particular event.
This can be possible if the bookmaker has underassessed the probability of a certain outcome and is therefore more willing to offer better returns for it.

A simple example would be to have a bookmaker offer a 2.3 return on a bet with an actual occuring chance of 50%.
This bet would provide you with an expected profit of 15% in the long run since the fair return would be only 2.0

Betpicker initially identifies the actually fair odds for every event by:
- Scanning the odds provided by select bookmakers known for their accuracy.
- Utilizing our own statistical analysis software.

By constantly monitoring the odds of over 60 bookmakers we can identify cases where the odds provided are more generous than the norm.

By betting the way we advise and utilizing appropriate bankroll management you can expect to to substantially increase your winning chances in the long term.
Please note this is still betting, your funds are at risk. Bet.Picker is not responsible for any losses incurred while using our service.

Do you have further questions on how it works? We will be happy to answer them!

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